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Updated: 2 hours 23 min ago

AI Footstep Recognition System Could Be Used for Airport Security

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 12:56

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based biometric verification system for identifying a person by their specific gait.

Dawn Mission: New Orbit, New Opportunities

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 10:20

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is maneuvering to its lowest-ever orbit for a close-up examination of the inner solar system's only dwarf planet.

Rewarded for RISC

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 00:00

ACM A.M. Turing Award recipients David Patterson and John Hennessy developed the "dangerous" idea that software should be simpler so it can be executed more quickly, which evolved into the Reduced Instruction Set Computer architecture.

Deep Learning Hunts for Signals Among the Noise

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 00:00

Neural networks can deliver surprising, and sometimes unwanted, results.

3D Sensors Provide Security, Better Games

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 00:00

A variety of techniques allow sensors to locate and recognize objects in space.

Getting Hooked on Tech

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 00:00

Are technology companies maximizing profits by making users addicted to their products?

At Beijing Security Fair, an Arms Race for Surveillance Tech

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 16:44

It can crack your smartphone password in seconds, rip personal data from call and messaging apps, and peruse your contact book.

Frozen Pluto Has Wind-Blown Dunes Made of Methane Sand

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 16:15

Part of the wonder of seeing new worlds is the radical difference from the planet you know.

Researchers Devise More Effective Location Awareness for the Internet-of-(many)-Things

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:00

Tufts University researchers have developed an enhanced algorithm for localizing and tracking mobile devices that distributes the task among the devices themselves.

Meet REMUS, the Robot That Discovered $17 Billion in Sunken Treasure

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 12:00

Two years ago, an autonomous underwater vehicle from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute located an underwater wreck containing $17 billion in sunken treasure.

How Close Are We, Really, to Building a Quantum Computer?

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 11:14

The race is on to build the world's first meaningful quantum computer—one that can deliver the technology's long-promised ability to help scientists do things like develop miraculous new materials, encrypt data with near-perfect security and accurately predict how Earth's climate will change. Such a machine is likely more than a decade away, but IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel and other tech heavyweights breathlessly tout each tiny, incremental step along the way.

From Utopia to Dystopia, and Back Again

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 10:49

Sir Tim Berners-Lee considers the past, present, and future of the World Wide Web.

How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 10:40

Fei-Fei Li is among the brightest stars in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, somehow managing to hold down two demanding jobs simultaneously: head of Stanford University's A.I. lab and chief scientist for A.I. at Google Cloud, one of the search giant's most promising enterprises.

How Spies Can Use Your Cellphone to Find You, and Eavesdrop on Your Calls and Texts Too

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 15:57

Surveillance systems that track the locations of cellphone users and spy on their calls, texts and data streams are being turned against Americans as they roam the country and the world, say security experts and U.S. officials.

Brookings Survey Finds Worries Over AI Impact on Jobs and Personal Privacy, Concern U.S. Will Fall Behind China

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

A new Brookings Institution survey has found Americans' concerns about artificial intelligence include job reduction, as well as threats to humanity and personal privacy.

Columbia Researchers Squeeze Light Into Nanoscale Devices

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

Researchers have created a "home-built" cryogenic near-field optical microscope that allowed them to directly image the propagation and dynamics of graphene plasmons.

How Technology Companies Alienate Women During Recruitment

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

The way technology companies recruit candidates during on-campus information sessions could play a role in dissuading women from such jobs, a new study has found.

Autonomous Boats Could Service Some Cities, Reducing Road Traffic

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

Researchers have highly maneuverable autonomous boats that, in waterway-rich cities, could be used to transport people or deliver goods.

Ultrasound Firewall for Mobile Phones

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

The first ultrasound-firewall for mobile devices takes the form of a mobile application that detects acoustic cookies, brings them to the attention of users, and blocks the tracking if necessary.

How to Get People to Pay Attention to Mobile Security Notifications

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 12:00

Researchers have confirmed that the more frequently users see security warnings on computers and phones, the more they ignore them.