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ACM-W Celebrations

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ACM-W Celebrations of Women in Computing

The goal of the ACM-W Celebrations of Women in Computing is to connect technical women who are working/studying within a particular geographical location - with locations that could be a single city, a state or group of states, a country, or several countries. These conferences build community and break down feelings of isolation. Our intention is to reach the broadest possible populations through an international network of self-sustaining small conferences, dovetailing when possible with ACM-W chapters.


ACM-W provides $3,000 for each celebration, and also raises and disburses corporate sponsorship. Each celebration organizing committee is responsible for additional fundraising within their conference area. The goal is to keep the costs as low as possible for student attendees, with registration fees in the $0-$50 USD range. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this project, please contact Valerie Barr for more information.

Microsoft Research currently sponsors the Celebrations project by providing $3,000 for each ACM-W Celebration. We are very grateful for this support!!

Typical Components of an ACM-W Celebration

  • Student presentations
  • Poster session/competition
  • Keynote addresses by leaders in academia and industry
  • Presentation and panels sessions on computer science research, industry, and graduate school
  • Faculty sessions on student recruitment and retention
  • Career Fair with involvement of industry representatives

Support ACM provides to ACM-W affiliated celebration

  • Each year ACM-W offers funding for new celebration coordinators to attend other ACM-W Celebration activities.
  • Use of ACM RegOnLine and PayPal accounts, ACM web site hosting for celebration site. ACM will also hold conference funds, pay invoices, and review venue contracts.
  • Events that have undergone ACM contract review are covered by ACM's liability insurance.
  • Access to sponsorship funds that have been raised by ACM-W.
  • ACM-W coordinates shipment of swag from industry sponsors, from ACM, and from ACM-W.

Not convinced yet? Check out...

For more information about hosting an event, contact Wendy Powley, Chair of the Celebrations Committee.

2016-2017 ACM-W Celebrations

Conference Area Date Languages
Spain Valencia, Spain July 1, 2016 Spanish
Chile-WiC Santiago, Chile August 12, 2016 Spanish
womENcourage 2016 Linz, Austria Sept 12/13, 2016 English
RMCWiC Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana) Sept 22/23, 2016 English
ACMWICGOA Goa, India Sept 24, 2016 English
INWiC Indiana Sept 30/Oct 1, 2016 English
AICWiC Dehra Dun, India (All India Event) October 6/7, 2016 English
Womenpower Symposium Cyprus November 16, 2016 Greek/English
MinneWIC Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas, Iowa February 17/18, 2017 English
OCWiC Ohio, Michigan, Indiana February 24/25, 2017 English
CAPWiC Virginia, DC, Maryland February 24/25, 2017 English
RusCWiC Perm Russia March 1-3, 2017 Russian
ACWiC Ankara Turkey March 11, 2017 Turkish
WiC-Ph Philippines (Cebu) March 16, 2017 English
KYCC-WiC Kentucky March 30/31, 2017 English
NECWiC New England March 31/April 1, 2017 English
MICWiC Michigan March 31/April 1, 2017 English
NYCCWiC New York City March 31, 2017 English
NWrWiC Oregon, Washington April 8, 2017 English
Ada's Legacy 2 Azerbaijan April 15, 2017 Azerbaijani and English
NYCWiC New York State April 21/22, 2017 English
NMCWiC Southwest/New Mexico April 21/22, 2017 English
Enter: ACM-W Celebration of Women in Computing Belgrade, Serbia April 25/26, 2017 Serbian and English
Spain Mallorca, Spain May 5, 2017 Spanish
2nd INSPIRE Conference 2017: Identify, Impact and Voice Hertfordshire, UK May 12, 2017 English
UCWiC Kyiv, Ukraine May 20-22, 2017 Ukrainian and English

Celebrations Code of Conduct

The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of ACM and ACM-W. These require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group, that fosters dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and that embraces diversity. For these reasons, the Celebrations project is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience at our events.

Harassment is unwelcome or hostile behavior, including speech that intimidates, creates discomfort, or interferes with a person's participation or opportunity for participation, in a conference or event. Harassment in any form, including but not limited to harassment based on alienage or citizenship, age, color, creed, disability, marital status, military status, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth- and pregnancy-related medical conditions, race, religion, sex/gender, veteran status, or any other status protected by laws in which the conference is being held, will not be tolerated. Harassment includes the use of abusive or degrading language, intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. A response that the participant was "just joking," or "teasing," or being "playful," will not accepted.

Event participants violating these standards may be sanctioned or excluded from further participation at the discretion of the organizers.

Celebrations Committee Members

Wendy Powley, Chair
Rachelle Kristof Hippler, Survey Coordinator
Martha Kosa, Swag Coordinator
Alina Lazar, Administrative Communications
Pallavi Meharia, Post Celebration Communications